India’s corporate sector has always played a vital role by funding socio-economic causes, whereas some companies have even gone further to adopting villages and large projects. However, all these efforts are independent and isolated. These can be better promoted and implemented if efforts are jointly carried out. Joint collective efforts can evolve an integrated and consolidated approach towards rural development, involving participating of the community as well, for better execution.

This concept will help in getting good financial resources as well as managerial expertise from the corporates. The industries get involved in activities beyond their business and at the same time, the community too is drawn in to the process of development and remains responsive and responsible.


Our Vision

To improve the quality of life in villages through participation of community and industry.

Our Mission

To reduce women’s drudgery by ensuring water supply and constructing approach roads.

To improve environmental and sanitary conditions by carrying out activities like afforestation, wasteland development, construction of village drains and sanitary latrines.

To give support to schools for overall development of the students.

To provide training for rural youth and women in self employing vocations.

To develop a pragmatic model for village planning, taking into account the process of industrialization and development.

To conduct research in areas of community relations, social changes, waste land development, industrial pollution and water conservation.



SVADES activities are guided and monitored by a Board of Governors, comprising of Chief Executive Officers’ and Managing Directors of member industries. A Managing Committee also meets every two months to evaluate and monitor the activities. The members of the committee are specialists in human resources, management and operations, including technical fields. Valuable inputs and support are also drawn from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Need based, practical and collaborative.

Involving the community at all stages of development, during the planning as well as execution, along with NGO’s, government and participant industry.

Conducting thorough village surveys.

Ascertaining and understanding the needs of the villagers through meetings and personal interactions.

Motivating the community to provide both monetary and human resources to execute the plans.

Active involvement of the community during the implementation stage, integrating the programs with the governmental initiatives.

Approach Image


SVADES is active in almost all walks of village life. The activities and intervention programmes undertaken are briefly listed below.

Promoting Industries

  • Indian Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
  • Gujarat State Fertilizers Co. Ltd.
  • Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd.

Member Industries

  • Gujarat State Fertilizer Company Limited (GSFC)
  • Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)
  • Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited (GACL)

CSR & Other Partners

  • Cosmo Foundation, Karjan-Vadodara
  • Deepak Foundation, Vadodara
  • Alembic CSR Foundation, Vadodara and Halol

Academic Partners

  • The M. S. University, Vadodara
  • The Sardar Patel University, Vallabh-Vidyanagar-Anand
  • Anand Agriculture University, Anand

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