The preamble philosophy gave birth to the “Society for Village Development in Petrochemicals Area” (SVADES) in 1995.

SVADES is a collective endeavour that binds the industry and rural community together towards effective socio-economic development in the rural areas of surrounding industries. It is indeed a unique example of unified action in the corporate sector, to contribute to the progress of the rural community, their development and social upliftment.

SVADES is registered under the Societies Act, 1860, as a voluntary organization set up by the public and private sector industries in the Petrochemicals Area of Vadodara Taluka, in the state of Gujarat, India.
In 1995, SVADES started the development work in 16 Panchayats comprising of 40 villages, which covers around 2,00,000 populace. SVADES is backed by the financial assistance of its member industries, contribution by the community, national and states level funding agencies, and also by the district, state and central governmental grants.
In 2015, the trustee decided to share SVADES experience with other industries, who wanted to carry out their Corporate Social Responsibilities in villages in Vadodara District outside petrochemicals area within Gujarat State.

Mission Image

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life in villages through participation of community and industry.

Our Mission

  • To reduce women’s drudgery by ensuring water supply and constructing approach roads.

  • To improve environmental and sanitary conditions by carrying out activities like afforestation, wasteland development, construction of village drains and sanitary latrines.

  • To give support to schools for overall development of the students.

  • To provide training for rural youth and women in self employing vocations.

  • To develop a pragmatic model for village planning, taking into account the .
    process of industrialization and development.

  • To conduct research in areas of community relations, social changes, waste land development, industrial pollution and water conservation.